Business -8 Tips for starting the investment for the Novice

One powerful way to get rich is to invest. The sooner you start investing, the faster the wealth also comes toward you.However, it was not investing easier & tastier turn the Palm of the hand. If wrong, not wealth that comes but loss due to the whole your investment did not turn a profit.

Following a number of investment tips for beginners that can be applied to a number of investment options your instruments

Specify the destination your investment:The first thing to do is determine the starter for investors’ investment goals. If you don’t have goals, of planning you’ll be screwed. Make a goal, for example, you want to pursue an education, buy a home, vehicle or on vacation.

Don’t delay important investments: Start as early as possible. The sooner you invest, the more results you’ll pick later. There is no term late investing because it is too old.

Install the target: You should design target investment grade when and how you need to do to achieve the goal your investment. For example, buying a new vehicle next year or have a second home of five years to come.

Specify your profile as an investor: Know first, the type of investors such as do you. This is important so that you can choose the investment instrument is right for you. For example, a risk-taking investment suitable for stocks that have a high risk of a conservative or a more suitable for investment which belongs as safe as deposits or mutual funds.

Invest consistently :Consistency is the key to success of all things, the investment was no exception. Allocate funds to invest consistently from your income. Ideally, cut from scratch as much as 30 percent of the total income that you earn to be invested.

Don’t be lazy for learning: Investment risk will be getting smaller when you understand the rules of the game. Don’t be lazy to learn and ask questions. Find out the various investment alternatives and learn about the level of risk and yield results historically.

Do not invest in one instrument:Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. A growing number of investment instruments that you have, the less risk you have anyway.

Consult with a professional financial planner

The function of the financial planner is to help the users of the services, is to formulate financial planning, making a detailed strategy that matches your profile and thespecific situation faced by the users of the service. You can use the services of a professional financial planner so that your investment could be growing.

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Business -4 Strategy in Order that Deposits So Profitable Investment

You have specified a deposit is the ideal investment tool. What strategy should you do so that this investment is more profitable?In a previous article, “Want to Start Investing is safe? Deposits could be a choice “, has been in the explain about everything must do when want to start depositing. Starting from the sense of deposits, to deposit rates, which can be got

Here are a few strategies in order to makeYour deposits more profitable:

Specify the length of time- Specify how long you plan to put your funds. This depends on when you need those funds, or when you have a backup of other funds which you will merge when Your deposit matures.

Select the type of- Specify the types of deposits that suit your needs. For example, you want to invest in a period of 2 years and do not want to get stuck with interest rates low, then the type of term deposit is a suitable product. When worry takes the funds arrived – arrive, try to consider the type of liquid deposits/on call.

Compare interest rates– After you specify the type of deposit account, you need to compare products of similar deposits from many different banks. To make it easier, try to compare deposits online.

Separate– What is separate? The answer is money. That is, if you have a fairly large amount, then you divide it in product deposits with different periods of time.

This strategy has the long term became one of the ways to alleviate the shortage of a product deposits. This strategy can give access to theliquidity of a portion of the funds that you have and protects from fluctuations in interest rates. So,let’s say you want to invest RP 150 million. By using this strategy, you divide it into RP 50 million with a period of 1 year. Then the next 50 million USD with a period of 2 years, and the rest for 3 years.Then, when each one of the stages of maturity, you can take it in cash or invest it back into the duration of 3 years. The intent is so that the cycle of maturity will return as before.

There are three advantages when you have deposited with this strategy. What are the:

-Get cash faster, yet free of penalty

-The interest rate is better because the deposits tend to be long term

-The chance of getting interested rates higher when investing reset

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